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Mercury Inc. is a US based Corporation in Delaware Doing Business As, & Mercury Inc. was incorporated in is a 1-Stop & Shop online MEGA store that houses GlobalJuiceLovers and GlobalWineLovers operating as branches under Mercury Inc.Our product assortment is very diverse and currently consist 2500 products in Various Product Categories.The product categories that we sell are:1. Appliances2. Consumer Electronics3. Furniture4. Fragrances, Nutritional Body Cream & Cosmetics5. Fashion (Clothing Wear, Beachwear, Swimwear & Accessories)6. Solar products (Solar Home Systems with batteries, Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner with batteries, Solar Street/Park, Garden lights)7. Generators (Diesel Silent Generators)8. Health Supplements (Natural Organic Plant oil)9. Motor Vehicles (ATV, Scooters, Motorcycles ,Three Wheel Motorbikes,)10. Boats (Luxury Yachts, Speed Boats, Fishing Boats)11. Beverages & Soft Drinks (3L Bag-in-Box Organic Juice Concentrate)12. Hardware Tools13. Safe Lockers14. Wine ( 3L & 5L Bag In Box, Wine Cases) caters to end consumers for individual online retail and also caters to importers for distribution of our products in bulk orders.We are the Exclusive Supplier of DEIN Saft 3L Bag-in-Box organic Juice Concentrate, originated in Germany. We can also offer private labeling to our clients for large orders, if requested! The product assortment of DEIN Saft Premium 3L Bag-in-Box Organic Juice Concentrate consist of: 1) Apple2) Orange3) Cherry 4) Black Currant5) Multi-fruitOur Unique Selling Points are:•DEIN Saft is the only high quality premium organic juice concentrate in Bag-in-Box being sold in the world•DEIN Saft saves over 91% of packaging waste compared to conventional bottles•DEIN Saft saves over 79% of CO2-burden•100% pure fruit juice concentrate•NO Crate Dragging•The costumer receive high quality premium organic juice concentrate in a fresh design for an excellent price-performance ratio•Our products are very space saving, no huge store necessary anymore•DEIN Saft is durable for 3 months when opened without cooling, without any preservatives, added sugar or synthetic flavorings and dyes•DEIN Saft has a shelf life of 12 months when closedDEIN Saft not only combines innovation, design, health, sustainability in only one product, it is also simultaneously the most individual way to enjoy 100% high quality Premium organic juice in the world.Furthermore we can give you some facts about our place of manufacture:•12 employees•size of the factoring premises: 15.000 m2•size of the hall area: 2500 m2•2.000.000L of high quality juice proceed per year•the filling plant is by the marked leading machine manufacturers for this industry (KRONES/OETTEL)•the maximum filling volume by DEIN Saft GmbH per week is 25.000L - 100.000L per month•we are able to hand out you a video of the production process in about 2 weeksContact us for to receive a product presentation and price quotation of our Exclusive DEIN Saft Premium organic fruit juice concentrate


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Distributor, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer, Trader, Wholesaler

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Beverages: Fruit Juices, Red Wine, Rose Sparkling Wine, White Sparkling Wine, White Wine
Boats: Boats
Energy Products: Energy Products
Fragrances: Fragrances
Jewellery: Jewellery
Menswear: Menswear
Personal Care Products: Personal Care Products
Watches: Watches
Womenswear: Womenswear
Sports Products: Sports Products
Food: Fruit Juices
HVAC-R Products: Air Conditioning Products
Food Ingredients: Fruit Juice Concentrates


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< $ 1,000,000